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by Dr. Terry Friedmann
The Man Who Walked With Jesus
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"I just finished Terry Friedmann's book "The Man Who Walked With Jesus". I loved every bit of it and learned more very interesting facts about the life of Jesus and Matthew and their families." Cecil
"Dr. Friedmann is truly a gift to our world and the times. It makes sense to me that Jesus would communicate to him and inspire the writing of The Man Who Walked With Jesus, but I decided that only after there were many aspects that I resonated with from the book. The words came alive and more so than reading from the modern translation of the Bible. The love came through and started changing me. It was like I got to walk with them just by reading it. Like Dr. Friedmann said on the Monday, May 19th call, there is a lot we can read between the lines. I’m only to chapter 9. If it gets any better I could expect a Charlton Heston/Moses gray streak to sprout from my head but there’s already one there."
If Jesus is someone who has been in your path, if you have come from a formal religious background, or even if you're just curious, this book is a "must read". It creates an intimate feeling of connection with Jesus through the eyes of someone who was there. It portrays Jesus from the very human point of view of someone who was his friend and comrade. It's Terry Friedmann's seeming memory of all the small details which makes the words jump off the pages and into your heart. 

Is Terry Friedmann the reincarnation of disciple Matthew? Although there are many indications that he just might have been, it is not a requirement to believe that to get value from reading this book. it isn't necessary to have the belief in reincarnation either to receive benefit from the book. . The Man Who Walked With Jesus is inspiring and profound, regardless of its oriigin.
This book revealed to me THE GATEWAY TO GOD. As I read it, there was the feeling that I was there listening to the dialogue of great Spiritual Beings, whose intent was to share simple but powerful truths. The process of manifestation is as essential now as it was then. My heart overflows with the joy of this great work.” --- Reverend Lloyd Barrett, Associate Minister, Mile Hi Church
As I read this book the depth of understanding and clarity of expression truly manifested Dr. Friedmann’s spiritual integrity. It makes real and believable the life of Jesus and His disciples and helps us to apply these concepts in our daily lives. I really believe this book will be a guiding light to all who read it.”
Gladys Taylor McGarey, MD, MD (H), author and was co-founder of the American Holistic Medical Association
Terry Friedmann has expressed himself in this lifetime as a distinguished holistic medical doctor. He has had the respect of many high profile alternative health professionals. He has given of his healing talents pro bono to many people in need. 
In 1995 Terry was given an insight that he had a past incarnation as Matthew. That night he had a visitation from a being that identified itself as Jesus and he began to "remember" his connection with Jesus and eventually wrote a book about it - The Man Who Walked with Jesus.
Matthew is the most well known of Jesus' disciples. All the disciples wrote up their view of what was happening when they were witnessing around Jesus and their writings became the foundation of the New Testament. Matthew was the most educated and articulate and the Gospel of Matthew is probably the most quoted of all the New Testament texts filled with Jesus's most famous quotes.
“Dr. Terry Friedmann has written a compelling story about the healing power of love and compassion. THE MAN WHO WALKED WITH JESUS transcends specific religions and touches the universal connection of all people with the divine. In our troubled times, we need this realization more than ever before.” --- Larry Dossey, MD, author
Excerpts from the Gospel of Matthew - Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me." ..... "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."... "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." ... "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."
The book is now being finally released to the public. We hope you'll read it and decide for yourself. You can see from the testimonials that readers find the book inspirational and believable. It does not try to rewrite the New Testament, but talks about many of the incidents and miracles we are all familiar with. It also adds a new dimension of insight, revealing the person-hood of Jesus and his own inner process while he was fulfilling his mission. You don't have to believe Jesus was talking to Dr. Friedmann from the other side to get value from this read.. The book stands on its own as an impressive piece of inspired literature.

The author - Dr. Terry Friedmann was a distinguished Holistic MD. When he originally released this book in       in 2002 he experienced scorn and skepticism from his medical peers. But he kept putting it out until his health declined. He passed on May 4, 2016 and his friend Wynn Free and his caretaker (and friend as well) are keeping the book in the public eye..

The book shares intimate details of some of the events the Bible has immortalized. If Jesus has been an influence in your life, this book is a must read. If you've wondered about the reality of who Jesus was as a man, this book will fill in the blanks. 

The Man Who Walked with Jesus is the amazing story of Jesus told from the point of view of his most prolific scribe, the disciple Matthew. It brings to the forefront the most important aspects of what Jesus was teaching. It reads  like a brilliant fantasy/fiction except the person who wrote the book, did so believing he had direct memories of being there on the road with Jesus and that he was in fact the reincarnation of said scribe of Jesus-

And "Love your neighbor as yourself. There are no other commandments greater than these".
But who was Jesus really and what did he have in mind? He clearly said "the Kingdom of Heaven is inside you". 

And then over the next thousand years we have the advent of many religions which did an awesome job of bringing the words of Jesus to the multitudes, but in some cases may have missed some of the most important aspects of Jesus' message. We're sure Jesus never intended to have holy wars fought in his name. 

Jesus is probably the most famous case of a being in a body who represented and became a portal to what many believe is the highest consciousness in other realms and higher dimensions. There were 12 disciples who accompanied Jesus on his mission and many wrote their accounts of what they saw and thus we have the New Testament of the Bible. 

We'd all like to have the confidence that we continue after we die and that there are positive intelligences looking out for our best interests when we leave this realm and even while we're here. Often that kind of confidence comes from faith and religion, which doesn't work for many people in these times unless they were brought up in a religious family. .
by Dr. Terry Friedmann
Walked With Jesus
The Man Who
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